About Behaviorprise

Behaviorprise College was founded and incorporated in Canada on the 1st of January 2020 based on a desire to create and deliver practical education to students and ensure that they are ready for the work place a day after graduation. Behaviorprise College is registered as a private career college under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005

Behaviorprise College is the sister organization of Behaviorprise Consulting Inc which is a behavioral services company providing services to various families and transfer payment agencies within Ontario. For over 12 years, Behaviorprise Consulting Inc has been a leader in providing non-vocational trainings to developmental service workers and personal support workers. The experience from our training activities forms the basis of creating a private career college and our unique programs as approved by the Superintendent of Private Career Colleges (PCC).

Behaviorprise College employs evidence-based approach to the development of our training curriculums. We start from researching what clients, families and employers are seeking when they look to hire. We employ the behavioral skills training (BST) approach to teaching which includes providing instruction to students (instruction), modelling the skills we need them to master (modelling), requiring them to demonstrate their understanding (rehearsal) and providing appropriate feedback to them (feedback).

About The College President

Lanre Duyile is a Professional Behavior Analyst and Entrepreneur. He is the President and CEO of Behaviorprise Consulting Inc. and Behaviorprise College of Business and Health Studies, Toronto, Canada. With over 15 years’ diverse experience in business and developmental services, Behaviorprise Consulting currently employs about 180 Support Workers and operates two (2) day program facilities for people living with developmental disabilities in Ontario, Canada. He works in collaboration with Government funded agencies in Ontario to create and implement evidence-based behavioral treatment and supports to improve the lives and learning of people living with developmental disabilities.

Lanre is a board-certified Behavior Analyst, is a sustaining member of the Ontario Association for Behavior Analysis (ONTABA) and a member of the Association of Professional Behavior Analysts. He completed an Advanced Diploma in Behavior Science from George Brown College, Toronto, an undergraduate degree in Psychology from York University, Toronto and a master’s degree in Professional Behavior Analysis from the Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, U.S.A. Lanre co-authored an article on the Treatment of Pica Disorder, 2018 published in the peer reviewed journal Neurodevelopmental Disorders.