Evaluations and Refund Policy


Behaviorprise College students are expected to proceed through their studies smoothly but the smooth progression of studies may be interrupted for various reasons. Whatever the reasons are, this policy provides for the acceptable ways to resolve any interruption.

Evaluations: All subjects to be taken in the college will specify any evaluation criteria that will apply to the students. For all courses in the college that carry numerical grades, 70% has been adopted as the passing grade. However, for courses/subject that do not carry numerical grades, successful completion will be described in terms of a Pass or Fail.

Students will be provided with their test or exam grades one week after the completion of such test. The grades will be sent via email and posted on the students’ board with student numbers to identify each student.

Procedure – Grade Appeals:
  • In situations where a student feels that his/her grade is not reflective of the amount of work s/he has put in, the student may request a review of their test/exam script by sending an email to the Instructor and copying the campus Administrator.
  • When the Instructor receives the email, s/he will schedule a meeting with the student within a week and review the script.
  • The Instructor and the student will agree on the awarded grade or change it to a mutually agreed grade in which case the appeal is resolved.
  • The resolution of the appeal will be communicated to the student in writing (via email) and copying the campus Administrator.
  • If the grade dispute is not resolved at the meeting with the Instructor, the Instructor sends an email to the student copying the campus Administrator affirming the grade.
  • The campus Administrator meets with the Instructor to review the appeal and thereafter invites the student to a meeting to review the appeal.
  • If the matter is resolved at this meeting, an email is sent to the student copying the Instructor of the resolution.
  • If the student is not satisfied with the resolution offered by the campus Administrator, the Administrator will forward the script to a third party Instructor with similar qualifications as the Instructor for grading. The grade awarded by the third party instructor will be adopted as the final resolution of this matter.

Procedure – Failed Subjects/Exams:
  • If a student fails (less than 70% but not less than 60%) a subject test or exam, they will be entitled to an automatic re-write to be taken a week after the grades have been released.
  • If a student earns a score less than 60% in the cumulative final score on a subject, they will be required to repeat the entire subject and pay a tuition fee of $200
  • If a student fails (less than 70%) a re-written test or a repeated subject, the student will be invited to meet with the campus Administrator to evaluate why the student is failing. At this meeting, a learning plan will be created with the student.
  • The student will be required to follow the lesson plan and retake the test with any required assistance.
  • If after implementing the lesson plan the student is still not passing, such student will be advised to withdraw with a prorated refund of their tuition fees.

Procedure – Withdrawals and Refunds
Full Refunds

    A student will be entitled to a refund if:
  1. The student agreement is rescinded by the student within two days of receiving a copy of the agreement.
  2. The college discontinues the vocational program they are registered in before the student completes the program
  3. The student withdraws or is expelled prior to the commencement of a vocational program for which s/he has paid

Partial refund where student does not commence program
If a student is admitted to a vocational program, pays fees in respect of the program and subsequently does not commence the program, the college shall refund part of the fees paid by the student in the following circumstances:

  1. The student gives the college notice that he or she is withdrawing from the program before the day the vocational program commences.
  2. In the case of a student who is admitted to a vocational program on the condition that the student meet specified admission requirements before the day the program commences, the student fails to meet the requirements before that day.
  3. The student does not attend the program during the first 14 days that follow the day the program commenced and the college gives written notice to the student that it is cancelling the contract no later than 45 days after the day the program has commenced. O. Reg. 415/06, s. 26 (1).

The amount of the partial refund shall be an amount that is equal to the full amount paid by the student for the vocational program, less an amount equal to the lesser of 20 per cent of the full amount of the fee and $500.

The refund shall be payable within 30 days of the day the student gives notice of withdrawing from the program or in the case of student non-attendance after program commencement, within 45 days of the day the vocational program commenced.

In the event that a student withdraws from a vocational program or is expelled from the college, the college shall give the student a refund of part of the fees paid in respect of the program.

If the withdrawal or expulsion occurred within the first half of program period, the amount of the refund that the private career college shall pay the student shall be equal to the full amount of the fees paid in respect of the program less,

  • an amount that is equal to the lesser of 20 per cent of the full amount of the fees in respect of the program and $500; and
  • the portion of the fees in respect of the portion of the period that had elapsed at the time of the withdrawal or expulsion.