Personal Service Worker – (PSW) program

Our Personal Support Worker program provides students with adequate knowledge and information needed to to effectively care for individuals living in the communities or long-term care facilities.

Graduates of this program will be able to recognize and handle all physical and emotional needs of those in their care approprately. PSW students are specially trained to understand all the nitty gritty of care management such as personal hygiene, household management, meal preparation, mobility and ongoing medical conditions and medications, activation, and specialized equipment.

The PSW Graduate will devise creative and adaptive ways to ensure they always give the best care to individuals under their care by applying variety of behavior management strategies to solve problems and manage all challenges that might arise. The Personal Support Worker Certificate Course includes:

S/N Course Description Code
Semester 1
01 PSW Foundations PSW 103
02 Safety and Mobility PSW 104
03 Body Systems PSW 105
04 Assisting with Personal Hygiene GEN 100
05 Abuse and Neglect GEN 101
06 Household Management, Nutrition and Hydration GEN 103
Semester 2
07 Care Planning/Restorative Care/Documentation/ Working in the Community PSW 150
08 Assisting the Family, Growth and Development PSW 151
09 Assisting the dying Person PSW 152
10 Assisting with Medicaitons PSW 153
11 Cognitive and Mental Health issues and Brain Injuries PSW 154
12 Health Conditions PSW 155